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Android Application - version X4 e-Perf Mobile App works with the 

ePerf Connect , a "Gateway" which receives and records the temperature data collected by the e-Celsius capsule. ePerf Connect can be worn on the wrist like a watch. It transmits the data in real time (or a posteriori) to the ePerf Mobile Android application via a Bluetooth protocol (BLE). The data can thus be viewed in real time on the screen of the Android smartphone or tablet. A raw data file can also be saved to the smartphone and downloaded at any time.

e-Perf Mobile App

  • Android App Only - Downloaded from Goggle Play as BodyCap e-Perf

    Licenses are sold in one year subscriptions - discounts available for multi-year subscriptions purchased in advance

    Each License comes with one download and can only be used on one device - no device changes are allowed


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